Importance of Maintaining Your Reclaimed Boatwood Furniture

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Ever wonder how some fishing boats are kept in such pristine condition after years of being exposed to salt water, rain, sun and all of the elements? The boats in Indonesia are often shipwrecked due to the punishing seas, but the boats you do see are very much in tact, beautifully painted and vibrant. There is only one way to maintain this look and protect it from the elements: MARINE VARNISH!

Using a marine varnish not only protects the paint from fading, but also protects it from all of the elements such as damaging UV rays and humidity (causing the wood to expand and then contract). These varnishes are typically designed not only to protect the wood, but also to give it the flexibility and UV protection it needs to last for years.

Because our furniture is made from reclaimed boatwood, it requires the same maintenance as an actual fishing boat. We recommend protecting your furniture with marine varnish for both indoor and outdoor use. If it is going outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight, rain, etc, we recommend finishing as needed (typically every 6-8 months). The process is very easy and only requires one coat of varnish (Although more than one will provide additional protection). I’ve listed a few simple steps below to guide you through the process.

-First, clean product with water to remove any surface residue.

-Apply a marine grade varnish using the directions provided by the manufacturer. (We recommend Crabcoat Brand)

-Apply to entire product including the underside and feet.

-Reapply sealant according to manufacturer’s instruction.

-This simple maintenance routine will help to prolong the life and beauty of these products.

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