The Journey of Retired Fishing Boats RE-IMAGINED into Designer Furniture

~ EVERY Piece is Authentic and Unique ~
~ Built with Boatwood from the Exotic Island of Bali ~
~ Crafted with ORIGINAL Wood and Paint from Retired Boats ~
~ Boatwood is Mostly Teak, So Furniture is Good for Indoors or Out ~

Warehouse 2120 will now have a permanent showroom at AmericasMart Atlanta!! AmericasMart is the nation's leading gift, home furnishings, apparel and area rug marketplace. And the complex of buildings in Atlanta ranks #1 as the world's largest tradeshow facility with more than 7 million square feet of space!

AmericasMart is for the trade industry and the largest market they have is the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market held each year in January and July. Our showroom is in Building 2, Floor 10, Showroom 10A31. We hope to see you there!

In The Spotlight

Boatwood and Cushions of Many Colors!

August 31, 2015

Even though Summer is winding down, and cooler temperatures are being ushered in, outdoor living areas can be even more enjoyable. Like the fall leaves, the cushions you choose to accent your existing outdoor furniture can brighten your backyard, patio or outdoor living room. The choices of fabrics and colors are endless. Popular colors that we are seeing this season are vibrant blues, grays, greens and the ever popular earth tones. For outdoor use, you want to select fabrics that are able to withstand the elements. If you research outdoor fabrics, you will find that there is a variety of textures, prints, colors and brands to be had.   There are many fabric companies that specialize in these such as Sunbrella,... Continue Reading →

Boatwood and The Reclamation Revolution

August 28, 2015

It’s hard to pick up a magazine or catalog these days without finding something about reclamation. By definition, reclamation is the noun of the verb to reclaim something out of the sense of moral or environmental duty. Since the prefix re- means again, it stands to reason that reclamation is restoring something to its former glory or finding an altogether different life or use. One of the reasons we love our products here at Warehouse 2120 is that they have made us a part of the ever present Reclamation Revolution. We get the opportunity to bring new life to the beautiful Balinese fishing boats that become unseaworthy after years on the punishing seas. Instead of seeing these rich, colorful hardwoods... Continue Reading →

What Makes Our Indonesian Root Art Incredibly Interesting…

August 06, 2015

While in Indonesia we found a product that we are really excited to have added to our line – Root Art. Besides being organically beautiful it has a story to tell. Hundreds of years ago, many indigenous trees such as Hibiscus, Teak, Ficus and Jack Fruit wood were chopped down in hardwood forests of Indonesia. At the time there was no use for them and because they were difficult to remove, the roots were left in the ground. Common practice to free up land was to try and burn out their stumps. They do not burn well, so the farmers on the colonial plantations simply left the roots in the ground and moved to land that was easier to cultivate.... Continue Reading →