Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Warehouse 2120 Style

The holidays are officially upon us! Next Thursday is Thanksgiving and that means many of us will gather around our tables with family and friends to give thanks and enjoy great food. Traditions and memories will be made.

Choosing a tablescape will set the tone of your meal. It can be simple or as elaborate depending on the time you have to spare. Do what is less stressful for you. Some of us enjoy the decorating elements more than the food preparation!

A traditional tablescape on a long farmhouse table or on one of Warehouse 2120’s Bali boat wood dining tables can make quite a statement. Using natural elements like gourds, pumpkins, leaves and greenery is an inexpensive way to make quite an impression.

For a more modern option, a reclaimed board placed down the center of your table with evenly spaced votive candle holders its entire length will keep it simple. This leaves lots of space for the guest of honor… the turkey!

In the south, Thanksgiving temperatures can be quite warm. Many meals are served alfresco. You simply take you table outside to a place that can accommodate your table and the guests that will gather there. The Fall leaves and their colors are decoration enough. This option makes the annual family touch football game one step closer after enjoying THE meal.

However you decide to celebrate, say prayers of thanksgiving and cherish the memories that you will make!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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