Warehouse2120 - Beating the Heat with Our Cool Boatwood Furniture!!

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Ever felt like you could fry an egg on your patio pavers? Summer is definitely cranking up the heat and there is no relief in sight! Here are some tips to enjoy the season in spite of the scorching temperatures.

  • Use Visualization.   Picture yourself in a wintry, snowy place; it can act as a placebo effect. Your mind can actually make you believe it!
  • Do not constantly check to see what the temperature is. If you do not know how hot it is, you will probably feel better.
  • Keep a spray bottle of cold water and peppermint extract or peppermint essential oil in your refrigerator. Periodically during the day, spray yourself at your wrists or other pulse points to quickly cool down.
  • Eating spicy foods will cool you by helping you to perspire. When it evaporates, you should feel a rush of coolness. Countries like Mexico and others where temperatures are always super hot have always practiced this.
  • This may sound a little crazy, but the Japanese have a trick to help cool your hot car. Yep, you open two opposite doors and then open and close one of them repeatedly about 5 or 6 times. Try it! It works!
  • One of my favorites is when at all possible go barefooted. Taking off your shoes lets the sweat evaporate which in turn cools the skin and blood in your feet. From there your blood vessels take that cooler blood to the rest of your body.
If none of the above tips helps turn down the heat… pull up a couple of our Warehouse 2120 Max Chairs ( or Sizilian Rockers on your own little Oasis and remember Fall is just 10 weeks away!

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