What Makes Our Indonesian Root Art Incredibly Interesting…

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While in Indonesia we found a product that we are really excited to have added to our line – Root Art. Besides being organically beautiful it has a story to tell.

Hundreds of years ago, many indigenous trees such as Hibiscus, Teak, Ficus and Jack Fruit wood were chopped down in hardwood forests of Indonesia. At the time there was no use for them and because they were difficult to remove, the roots were left in the ground. Common practice to free up land was to try and burn out their stumps. They do not burn well, so the farmers on the colonial plantations simply left the roots in the ground and moved to land that was easier to cultivate.

Today local farmers extract the roots that may have been in the ground for decades. These roots are then made into wonderfully unique, artistic furniture and organic sculptures.

All of this is done under strict governmental supervision. Our suppliers have to obtain permits that grant them permission to harvest the roots from the ground. This is to insure that the roots of viable trees are not damaged.

Once the artisans get the roots, they begin the meticulous process of salvaging, cleaning and polishing each filament of the root. They make them into chairs, tables and art.

The root art that we are offering is truly one of a kind and showcases the luster of the woods that have been harvested. We recognized the beauty in their journey and wanted to pass it on!  Please check out the brand new Root Art section on the website!

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