Boatwood and The Reclamation Revolution

Posted by : Brady Eckard   /  

It’s hard to pick up a magazine or catalog these days without finding something about reclamation. By definition, reclamation is the noun of the verb to reclaim something out of the sense of moral or environmental duty. Since the prefix re- means again, it stands to reason that reclamation is restoring something to its former glory or finding an altogether different life or use.

One of the reasons we love our products here at Warehouse 2120 is that they have made us a part of the ever present Reclamation Revolution. We get the opportunity to bring new life to the beautiful Balinese fishing boats that become unseaworthy after years on the punishing seas. Instead of seeing these rich, colorful hardwoods destroyed, our supplier has a long-established relationship with many local fisherman and partners with them to buy their unsalvageable crafts and helps them in turn build other boats to continue their livelihood on the water.

Owning a piece of this unique boat wood makes you feel a part of the boat’s journey and part of the Reclamation Revolution that is making our world more sustainable!


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